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  • CMI Shembiner XL CMI Shembiner XL

    CMI Shembiner XL

    The New Shembiner XL is a lightweight aluminum hook that attaches to your harness which is wide enough for your chainsaw handle to fit inside the hook itself. That allows the climber to quickly and easily remove and rack chainsaws and tools without...

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    CMI Rope Jack

    CMI Rope Jack

    Product Description The CMI Rope Jack is a Mechanical Advantage tool for pre-tensioning static lines, light lifting and cabling. The Rope Jack is small enough and light enough to be carried aloft by a climber for Mechanical Advantage within the crown...

    MSRP: $278.75
    Was: $299.95
    Now: $260.96
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  • CMI 3" Steel Double Pulley

    CMI 3" Steel Double Pulley

    Product Description Double sheave version of the RP105.  Stainless steel sideplates, two 3" aluminum sheaves, bushing, and stainless steel axle.  RP105D Double PulleyPart# RP105DMBS: 20,000 lbsSWL: 4,000 lbsSheave Diameter: 3” (2)Max Rope...

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  • CMI 3/4" Steel Block

    CMI 3/4" Steel Block

    Product Description 3/4″ Steel Arborist Block. The RP131 arborist block from CMI was designed for use in false crotch systems to help save wear and tear on Bull ropes. Upper bushing maximizes sling strength and wide sideplates protect the rope from...

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  • CMI 3/4" Aluminum Block

    CMI 3/4" Aluminum Block

    Product Description The smallest, strongest, largest capacity aluminum block to hit the market. Easy push and turn for opening.  Orange 7075 alloy sideplates, 3-inch aluminum sheave, bronze bushing and stainless steel axle. Proudly made and...

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  • CMI 5/8 Steel Block

    CMI 5/8 Steel Block

    Product Description 5/8″ Steel Arborist Block.  Working load limit 7,000 lbs Stainless steel sideplates, aluminum sheave, bushing, and stainless steel axle.  RP130 5/8” Arborist PulleyPart# RP130MBS: 28,000 lbsSWL: 5,600 lbsSheave...

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