Tax Exempt

Tax Exempt Information

If you qualify for tax exempt status, follow the steps below to to receive Tax Exempt status on your Grand Arbor Supply account and orders. 


1. Create a Grand Arbor Supply account. This account will be used to link your

Tax Exempt status for future orders.


2. Gather up any appropriate Tax Exempt documents in PDF form for step 3.


3. Completely fill out the Grand Arbor Supply Tax Exempt Form below. Your information will be securely shared with our team and we'll link your tax exempt status with the account associated with the email shared on the form (make sure they match).


We'll take care of the rest! You'll recieve an email once your account (if confirmed) is linked with Tax Exempt status for any future orders made on that account. If the Tax Exempt Form has issues or if you have any further questions on Tax Exempt status, please CONTACT US.